Hey, buns. 1,082 of you stuck around through my...what, 5 month hiatus? Right on, bro. A commendation!

But alas, I'm taking my leave for a bit. A lot of my old rp partners have left, as well as quite a chunk of my dash, and with college and writing, I just don't find myself on here very often. Maybe I'll come back one day...maaaaybe not.

A big reason for this decision is the amount of times I've been plagiarised. As a result, I've removed all of my pages and headcanons until I come back, if I ever do. I'm still watching, though, so... y'all know who ya are.

BUT HEY MAN i'm over at alioninherowncause if y'all wanna catch up. See ya'll, and keep on truckin' through the world B)